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Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:33 am
This thread is to ask questions and share tips and information about how to create accessible EPUB files using InDesign.

After our last meeting, I had a conversation with Farrah, and asked her about splitting the document (so it doesn’t export as a single HTML file).

I am copying here what she did to split the book into multiple files, these are her instructions.

Splitting the document:
1. Go the “Edit All Export Tags” window and find the Style that you want to split the EPUB at. For this book, I chose “UCHead1” and then checked the box next to it called “Split EPUB”. This tells InDesign to split the book into new HTML pages every time it encounters the “UCHead1” style. Select “OK”.
2. Go to “File” in the top menu.
3. Select “Export" and choose to save the file as a Reflowable EPUB.
4. You’ll get to the “EPUB - Reflowable Export Layout Options” window. You’ll find tons of export options here, like picking which version of EPUB you want to export, the option to generate a table of contents based on a style, and a place to enter all the book’s metadata. I haven’t explored any other export options yet but I would encourage people to do so.
5. In the “General” tab of this EPUB export options window, you’ll find a section called “Split Document”.
6. Select “Based on paragraph style export tags” (which is the “UCHead1” that we specified in the 1st step).
7. Just ignore any error message that may pop up for now. An EPUB should be generated that is split up into multiple pages.

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