Shorter list of questions for EPUB testing

EPUB testing discussion for the SDPP-D Grant projects
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Shorter list of questions for EPUB testing

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Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:16 am
Hi all,

In the public "Epub testing" folder in Dropbox, I've put two new files:

1. "20181201 EPUB testing questions - short.xlsx". This is the file that we will be using to answer the questions for the human testing piece of our process. It is a shorter list; many of the HTML specific questions have been removed. This file contains one additional column (D) which provides a short explanation to help answer each question.

2. "20181201 EPUB testing instructions.docx" which is a short description of the four columns in the Excel file, and contains the questions for the text version of the report.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback! You have made these questions better.

As always, any comments are welcome.

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