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EPUB accessibility 1.0

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Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:32 am
Hi all,

This post briefly touches on the specifications for EPUB files.

I recommend that you take the time to read

EPUB Accessibility 1.0

This document explains conformance and discovery requirements for EPUB publications.

The EPUB Accessibility specification addresses two key needs in the EPUB® ecosystem:

* evaluation and certification of accessible EPUB Publications;

* discovery of the accessible qualities of EPUB Publications.

This specification sets formal requirements to meet to certify content as accessible. These requirements provide Authors a clear set of guidelines to evaluate their content against, and allow certification of quality.

The inclusion of accessibility metadata facilitates informed decisions about the usability of an EPUB Publication. Consumers can review the qualities of the content and decide whether an EPUB Publication is appropriate for their needs, regardless of whether it meets the bar of being certified broadly accessible.

This specification defines three categories of compliance for EPUB Publications:

* Discoverable — an EPUB Publication that meets the discovery metadata requirements of this specification but does not meet the accessibility requirements. Conformance is defined in Discoverable EPUB Publications.

* Accessible — an EPUB Publication that meets all discovery, [WCAG 2.0] and EPUB accessibility requirements. Conformance is defined in Accessible EPUB Publications.

* Optimized — an EPUB Publication that meets the discovery requirements for Optimizations. Conformance is defined in Optimized EPUB Publications.

The document links to techniques and other resources, as well as some examples of code contained in publications that have been certified. I believe that you will find this document useful.

Please share any comments or questions here, it is better to learn together.

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