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Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:30 pm
I was able to log in using the iPhone app. The search for your library dialog worked for me, then I entered my card and PIN. There were a lot of unlabelled buttons though, and sometimes swiping didn't work, so I had to feel around on the screen for things. I'm not sure if that's an iPhone issue though - I'm finding the swipe gesture less reliable recently, maybe since the last iOS update.
Here are some notes I started taking. I wonder about your thoughts on the format.

Library-specific tasks
1. Login the application with library barcode/pin
• 3/5 I did get this to work, but a lot of unlabelled buttons made it confusing
2. Check out two titles
• 4/5 it works, but takes a lot of patience
• Unlabelled radio buttons appear in title details
3. Place holds on titles if the book is unavailable (if applicable)
• 4/5 works, but some unlabelled buttons in the dialog
4. Look at bookshelf/my account for titles on hold and checked out
• 5/5
5. Return/Delete a title
• 2/5 I couldn’t find a button for this in the bookshelf, but I could do it by going to the loans section
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