Ryan Week One Tasks

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Ryan Week One Tasks

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Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:19 pm
Each week I will give you a post about what tasks to do for your book. If at anytime during the process you want to share your work with me for feedback, or any of the below tasks are not clear to you, please contact me and we can walk through it together.

First I want you to clean up the first few pages of the document before we can start working on the headings and subheadings.

There is an image of the cover photo. Please select this photo and delete it.

After this you should note that at the top of the page there is the title of the book, ‘Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Deaf and Hearing Persons With Language and Learning Challenges’. This is an extra title, so please delete it.

There is now a section for the next two pages about other books. For now I just want you to ignore these two pages, we will return to them later.

Right after this section about other books you will find the title of the book again. On the top of the thire page is the title information. Here I want you to create the cover page.

First you have to type the phrase 'Title Page' and apply the Heading 1 Style. The rest of the info stays in normal style. There is also a small image. Please delete this.

Here is a link to the wiki on how to create a title page:
https://wiki.libraries.coop/doku.php?id ... itle-page

Next you will find the publishing information for the book. This section starts with the word ‘Routlege’ and ends right before the ‘Contents’ section. Please create the publishing heading for the section with the Heading 1 Styel.

Here is a link to the wiki on how to create the publishing information page:
https://wiki.libraries.coop/doku.php?id ... formation

Once you have done all this you can move onto the ‘Contents’ Section. The Table of Contents for this book is a bit more complicated than others, so the steps will be a bit different than from the wiki.

First, change the title from ‘Content’ to ‘Table of Contents’ and apply the Heading 1 Style.

Next, you will have to convert formatting of the Table of Contents from a table to normal text.
  • First, select anywhere on the table. This will create a menu on the ribbon for ‘Table Tools’.
  • Then select ‘Layout’ and there should be an option called ‘Select’. This leads to a dropdown menu, and you want to choose the ‘Select Table’ option. Once you click this the table will be highlighted.
  • Once the table is highlighted go to the top menu bar for Word and select the ‘Table’ dropdown menu.
  • Then you select ‘convert’ which will open a second menu.
  • On this menu you select ‘convert table to text’.
  • This will create a pop up menu.
  • You want to keep it at the option for ‘Paragraph marks’ and select ‘Ok’
If you have any issues with this please contact me and we can walk through it together.

After you have successfully converted the table to text you will need to convert the Contents into a list.

Select the all the text in the table of contents. You can use the Shift + Arrow Down for this. The list start with 'Series Preface' and ends with 'Index'. Once you have selected the text you can select the unordered list option from the ribbon menu.

Here is the wiki link that explains this in more detail:
https://wiki.libraries.coop/doku.php?id ... ext:lists

You will also want to delete all the page numbers for the table of contents.

After you have done this there are some parts of the list that need to become sub-lists.

There are 9 chapters in this book. Each chapter title starts with a number ( 1, 2, 3, etc.). For example, chapter 1 is called
"1 Language and Learning Challenges in the Deaf Psychiatric Population PATRICIA BLACK AND NEIL GLICKMAN 1 "
and there are 20 sub-sections to this chapter. These sub-section have to be turned into sub-lists. To do this you just select the sub-sections under every chapter heading using the Shift + Arrow Down Key. Once you have selected all the sub-sections for a chapter press tab to create an indent. Repeat this for each Chapter heading in the Table of Contents.

Please note: The first three section titles on the content list do not need to be indented. These include; 'Series Preface', 'Acknowledgements and Dedication', and the 'Introduction'.

The Introduction, has five sub-section titles that need to be made into as sub-list. These sub-sections are: 'A Really Good Story xvii', 'Who Are the Clients This Book Addresses? xviii', 'Theoretical Orientation xxii', 'Plan of the Book xxvi', 'The Wisdom of the Good Witch xxix'

Please also note: There are four section titles at the end of the contents list that should NOT be indented under Chapter 9. This include: 'Appendix I: How to Use the CD-ROM 347' , 'Appendix II: Skill Card Menu 355', 'References 379', 'Index 391'

If you have any questions please contact me and I will walk you through this.

After you finish the above tasks please post an update about your progress here in the forum for what you did and how you did it, as well as any challenges you faces. Please send me updated copy of your work to review at this point, and I will look over what you did.
As Always,

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Re: Ryan Week One Tasks

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Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:54 am
My first new task to focus on is on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Deaf and Hearing Persons With Language and Learning Challenges

English is my 2nd language as I rather use ASL or visual to be able to following the progress of steps and steps. Sometime picture symbols will be benefits to those who English 2nd language or rely on visual as learning method.

I have struggle to find style pane as I didn’t realized that there was two style as there was one under format which I did used but aren’t aware until Rachel showed me where it is by explain clearly.
I learned if you are unsure or do thing incorrect then you will face struggle in complete the task such sort out style for table of contents until I realized there is other style under view which I click on those and saw lists of Heading 1, etc.

While work on the task I make copy of original one in case if I make some mistake. I will have a back up to work on. One example was when I tried t following the task from Rachel and use the NNELS wifi to work on title page and public as I look at the photo and made some changes by delete or yellow highlight of what I think need to delete. When I send it to Rachel, she clearly that I missed few thing such temple as I thought it is done but I realized I seems to have some struggle in this area. So Rachel help me. Once when I send in my work to Rachel and she mention I did it wrong with title page. Good thing is that I have copy as back up and make another copy and use orginal one. I following Rachel instructor and send back for feedback. Final I was on right track. Focusing on one task a time and then check for a feedback really help me with stay on right track.

About the heading I learned that once you enter view then click on heading 1 or 2 then it will work but I used modifity style which doesn’t work. If you are on right track then you will success but if you are on wrong track then you will miss something or not success that why I find some task bit struggle. For example first I wasn’t aware that there was a style pane as it mention on the task step as I believe it must be under format menu then click on style but this one is wrong as it is use for apply, set up temple while other style pane only focus on clearing format and set up heading etc.

That is my progress and what I have learned so far.
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