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Weeking Dead Discussion: Organizing Descriptions

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:36 am
by leahbrochu
Please note that panel description is quite different than standard Alt-text description as it represents a sequential art.

This is our current description order, which can change depending on what story calls for:
  • Angle/Point of View
  • Description of scene
  • Description of action
  • Sound/Words
  • Last details (if needed)
Here are some suggestion from Steve, our first tester:
  • What’s happening in the picture;
  • Any gruesome details that give the picture’s mood;
  • How are the characters responding (speech, facial expressions);
  • The viewing angle, and how much of each character is visible
Please feel free to offer any ideas for a better way or or simply a different approach. As Cordelia McGee-Tubb noted in her talk (Accessible Comics), it would be ideal if there could be a way for readers to access different levels of granularity of description through different settings on their devices, but that is not really a viable solution at this time, so we must try and figure out a more general "best" way.