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Other apps for Epub testing

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:27 pm
by Karoline
I have been getting alot of similar results for many of my books. I feel like I want to change up the tools a bit.
Here is what have done so far: With Android, I have been using Google Assistant TTS and now, I am using Talk Back. I was also using Voice Dream Reader and tried it with TB and the results were pretty much the same. I now started to use Simply Reading with TB. I did try it with TTS. I like the navigation jestures with Talk Back better. I also have Easy Reader, but I have not done to much with it. Do you know of other apps that can be good to try? I have been reading lots of different blogs and resources to learn more, but you are likely a much better resource.
Now, for IOS. I have been using Voice Dream Reader and Voice Over. This works well, but again lots of the same results. I have looked at Capti, but I believe they want a subscription before you can do anything. Today, I looked at Kobo Books. It is not without problems, I am not sure if it is very useful. All the on-line tips don't help much and are out of date.I also downloaded the Bookshare app. It is disappointing. It is not the most user friendly. Have you heard of or used another reader in the past that maybe worth a try? I also have EasyReader and Ibooks, but I understand a few people are doing those already. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?