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Re: EPUB testing criteria

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:22 pm
by Danny
Good morning Testers,

It was so wonderful to meet with you yesterday! What a terrific team we have.

Daniella and I have been talking about revisions we could make to the answer spreadsheet for ePub testing to allow for more detail. I find a question such as

Are all sections identified with headings?

difficult to answer if it is true for most of the book. I don't want to say No, because that discounts the publisher's work in marking the headings they did, but I don't want to say Yes, since they did miss one or two.

Similarly, I used to struggle with the question about Alt tags.

If the book has images, are they described using alt-text?

This is an excellent example of Daniella's revision work already. We now have questions pertaining to Alt text not interrupting the flow of the narrative (such as using the <Figure> class) along with a question asking if crucial text in the image is available by another method.

So, what do you fine folks think about adding a couple of follow-up questions to clarify any ambiguities you've run into?

We could change
Are all sections identified with headings?
Are most sections identified with headings?
and then add below that
Are any sections not identified with headings?

This is just an example. Any other ideas?

It never ceases to amaze me how differently every book is coded and presented. Such is the diversity of publishing, but it sure makes it difficult to draw up a list of questions that covers the important points, without taking too long to fill out and summarize!

Re: EPUB testing criteria

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:17 am
by rmarion
Hello everyone. Looking forward to our meeting this afternoon. Thanks Danny for the additional questions. My general feeling on headings, is if it is in the table of contents it should be highlighted as a heading within the text. However, I am not sure about any sub sections not referenced in the table of contents. Generally I have not considered those as requiring headings for the most part. But I guess it does depend on the intended use of the text. So generally, if the table of contents items do have headings, I have said yes to the question of headings even if other sections look like they may require headings.

With the alttags, I have generally said no to this question if the image only has a photo caption in the text of the book. So if a person is reading the book right through, they may not realize that the photo caption is not a tagged image. I have only discovered that the images I have encountered did not have alttags only after I have opened the image files in a browser.