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Ka: Production Tasks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:41 pm
by leahbrochu
Hello! Thank you for bearing with me as we worked through the context break issue via email.

Here are the steps you will need to take in order to edit the etext in preparation for conversion to DAISY:
  • Delete the current styles from the document
  • Attach the NNELS style template and update the document's styles
  • Clear all formatting from document.
  • Remove all hyperlinks.
  • Delete the cover page image, and any other images - I believe that the only other one is the Publisher's logo, currently on page three of the Word document.
  • Apply headings to document.
    • Heading 1 style can be applied to: the book title; the "About this Digital Talking Book" section (which you will add, according to the instructions given here); the Table of Contents; the "Enter the SF Gateway" section heading; the "Part" headings; the "Also by Douglas Hill" heading; the Dedication; the "About the Author" paragraph (you will need to insert the words "About the Author", then style it as a heading); the Publishing Information; and the Terms of Use.
    • Heading 2 style can be applied to the chapter headings within the sections.
  • This books italicized words that should be stressed in speech. Use the "Emphasis" style to italicize words in the document that are italicized in your epub or HTML version. Wiki info on italicizing can be found here
If you come across any issues or stumbling blocks, please feel free to ask me anything, anytime!

Thanks so much!

Re: Ka: Production Tasks

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:47 am
Hi Leah,
I just finished editing the book. I'll email you the copy.

Re: Ka: Production Tasks

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:28 am
by leahbrochu
Hi Ka,

Thanks so much for your awesome work on this book!

Here is my review - there were just a few issues. I will divide this list into items that are just "For your information", and things that I would like for you to try to address, if you have time.
  • For Your Information
    • The NNELS template was attached, but for some reason the text was in the wrong font. I am not sure how this could have happened, but I simply re-attached the NNELS template and updated the styles, and it was fine. If you want to try to re-attach the template, that would be awesome for trouble-shooting, and I can easily fix this if it still doesn't work.
    • You did a great job applying the emphasis style where it needed to be! However, one thing to note about this style is that it should not be used for entire paragraphs or blocks of text, as Italicized blocks of text can create accessibility barriers for a lot of (low-vision) users who find it difficult to read. There are just a few paragraphs in the text that were italicized (mostly Cryl's chanting in Chapter 19), but I can go ahead and clear the formatting from that.
  • For you to fix
    • When it comes to headings, one general rule is: A heading should not have any line break in between. Here is the link to the General Rules section on the information page for headings on the NNELS wiki. Please go through and make the Part and Chapter headings be on the same line.
    • One part that I would like to ask you to change is the Also by Douglas Hill section. The NNELS wiki recommends using ordered and unordered lists for these Also by the Author sections, so there are a few things for you to do here
      • Clear the formatting from all of the content - the book titles do not need to be italicized.
      • Use Heading 2 style for the Series titles (i.e. Last Legionary).
      • Use ordered list styles for the numbered series.
      • Use un-ordered list style for the "Other Novels" section
    And that is it! Otherwise, you did an awesome job, and the book looks really great and clean. Thanks so much!

Re: Ka: Production Tasks

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:33 pm
Hi Leah,
I just sent you the book with the edits.
Also when adding the template what font are we switching to? I think the converted book had it in Cambria.

Re: Ka: Production Tasks

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:53 am
by leahbrochu
Hi Ka,

Thanks so much! This version looks awesome, and pretty much good to go.

FYI, here are the updates I made:
  • re-attached the NNELS template and updated the Styles
    • The text remained in the Cambria font, so what I did to fix this was: I selected the text of one paragraph, then clicked "normal" from the Styles pane. This changed the one paragraph to be in the NNELS "normal" Style, which uses an Arial font. Then, with the paragraph still selected, in the styles pane, I navigated to the drop-down menu under the Normal style, and selected "update style to match selection." This updated the text in the rest of the document.
    • I am not sure why all of your text was in the Cambria font, although that is what we use for the "Author" and "Citation" styles, so perhaps something funny happened there. Either way, it was easy to fix!
  • removed the emphasis style from selections that were more than a few words
  • moved the url to just under the author's name, after the title of the book. It was under the "About this Digital Talking Book" section, so I just moved it up.
All in all, you did an awesome job, and the book looks great! I'm sure you'll be seeing it in the NNELS collection soon!